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We are a group of committed scientists, therapists, clinicians, teachers, students, industry players, artists, designers, engineers and regular people who have the larger good at heart. In the domain of health, we wish to contribute from our area of expertise and experience to help develop a viable system which will establish and sustain empowerment in the people to take charge of their own health and recovery process. We plan to do this by focussing on those aspects of human biology which can be self-regulated and self-managed, using powerful but simple technology tools.

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Over the past few years, people from different countries and walks of life have helped us take one step forward after the next. With every passing year, our family grows. If you have what it takes to to make a difference in people’s lives, it does not matter how small the first step is. So come join us and help grow SynPhNe in one or several roles....<Read more>
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